About Brigitte

About Brigitte


brigitte jouxtel is a french photographer with a passion for photography who started Studio A  in the 80's in the then famous Holloway drive, in the of heart of the sunset strip west hollywood.  "I loved what i was doing the minute i was given a camera, I was lucky to be succesfull and lucky to be working with so many talented actors." 

My first photo was taken in my twenties with a Russian film camera given by my father...a few years later I came to Hollywood straight from France with a head full of dreams...

While searching for myself I worked as a costumiere then as a makeup artist..

I was unhappy, but my life changed when I discovered photography, good things started to happen...a Hollywood agent discovered my work and sent me one of his actor client; and more work followed... 

I was creating beauty with people's faces, eyes and emotions, I loved it instantly and became happy..... Working with actors is rewarding because they like exploring emotions Like i do....

I shot with 35 mm black & white film for over ten years with the same indestructible Nikon camera; before including color film; then moving on to digital.

-"In order to take a good photograph you have to become part of it, you have to adapt to the situation, be unobtrusive, and blend in until they Let the mask down...."'



I get the biggest chill when an actor locks his or her eyes into my camera transcending language, reaching out to the viewer director or casting person.
— thats when i know my job is done.

                                 Partial Client List

Julie Benz, Tony Goldwin, Rob Lowe,  Tim Daly,  Sam Daly,    Heather Locklear, Shawn Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans,       Gary Cole, Jonathan Banks, Natasha Henstridge, Jena Coleman, Barry Watson, Natasha Gregson Wagner,  Anthony Lapaglia,   Rita Wilson, Marina Sirtis, William Shatner, Georges Takei, Michael Parks, Wallace Langdon, Helen Shaver, Sarah Gilbert, Marla Maples, Christian Madsen, Jo LoTruglio, Anne Turquell,       Isabella Hoffman, Tom Shadyac, Erin Moran, Art Lafleur,               Cloris Leachman, Anna-Maria Hornsford,  Amy Jo-Johnson, Christy Mcnichols, Sherilyn Fenn, Peri Gilpin, Mackenzie Astin, Sandi Duncan, Charlene Tilton,  Jamie Lumer,  Clive Barker,  Thomas Ian Griffith,   Mary Page Keller,   Shannon Tweed, Catherinne Mc Goohan, Jullian Mcmahon, Cathy Ireland,        Jackee Harry,  Susan Day,  Craig Scheffer,  Kevin Bash,        Taylor Dane, Daniela Lavender, Kallean De Castelbajac, Alexia Landeau, Jason Simmons, Howard Fine, Harry Mastrogeorge,       Diana Maria Riva, Less Sheldon, Mary Margaret Humes.